Formulate a fixed play game time for your kid to avoid the negative psychological impacts

play gameExcessive video game playing can affect the mental state of your child. It is essential to you allow your child to play game, but for a restricted time period. It is also important to monitor your child continuously.

Does your child play video games for a long time? It seems that your child’s mental state is getting affected. There is no doubt to the fact that video games are a lot of fun and offers entertainment quotient. But studies have shown that children involved in playing computer games for a prolonged period of time have negative psychological impact and it must be monitored by the parents. It can hamper the sleep cycle and your child will start behaving weirdly because of the influence of the characters portrayed in the games.

Does your child show violent behaviour?

The child who spend who spend the maximum time infront of the computers, playing games, develop aggressive behavior. They are ready totake up fights easily with anyone.  The unfortunate part is that the child assumes the identity of the shooter of the video game and sees the world through the character’s eye. This is the reason of behaving different and not normal.

The serious issue is that the kid get mentally and emotionally attached to the character or role of the game and he/she judge the surrounding people from the eyes of the games and mostly act like the violent character shown in the video game. This makes the child psychologically weak.

Does your kid like to stay isolated

The kids want to stay alone and their social communication gets badly affected. They make an invisible wall around them and nobody is allowed to enter or communicate with them. The kids don’t feel like to talk or spend quality time with friends or family and their perception starts beliving the virtual world. Such an attitude can be handled when you allow your kid to play game under your supervision.

The child suffers from disturbed sleep

Since the kid is disturbed mentally, he/she lacks proper, sound sleep. In majority of the times the child will think about the fights or moves of the games which disturbs the sound sleeping habit. Thus, as parents you have to lay out a specific play game time frame, beyond which your child won’t be allowed to play the games.

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