How to Build a Wind Generator

With the global energy crisis emerging everywhere in the world, building a wind generator is one of the most effective ways of combating this vice. There is no limits when it comes to wind power because it is abundant , easy to manage, clean and easy to harness .Build a wind generator on your own to reduce the cost of installing and hiring maintenance guys since you do it yourself and you will know where the problem will be at .

What to do while building the wind generator

One will need materials; the most important parts of the wind generator are good quality and durable material from respected companies that supply them. They include things like a god generator, blade hub, batteries, blades, tower, mounting, tail, wire and screws. Also tools required are electrical pliers, saws and wrenches.

Building the blades; the precise shape size and weight of the blade may fluctuate depending on the power generation, the velocity of the area and the motor type one uses. The best materials can vary from PVC pipe, carbon fiber or other materials such as wood or stainless steel.

The tower; it is easier to get a tower used on a TV aerial because it is costly to purchase a readymade one from a local supplier.

Tail, body and heart; a good powerful heart for the blades can be purchased from a hardware store. The heart must be fitted precisely with the motor to ensure no mishaps. The tails is better with recycled materials and a light one to guarantee the capturing of any slight change in the wind direction to be detected.

Assembling; when one is ready with all the parts, assembling them is an easy task. The motor is fitted in the center and fasten the blades to it. To maintain the angles, one can use a normal protractor to measure a 45 degree. Charging the electricity one needs to connect the batteries using a correct and good coated wiring system. With all these parts connected one has completed building a wind generator.

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